We in DNSCB are part of Erasmus+.

What is Erasmus+?

For those that do not know what Erasmus + is about, we will explain a bit.  Erasmus+ are different projects that are funded by the European Union. Schools design/ develop a project they think will be interesting for their students and apply to the European Union to get it approved.

Who can apply?

Any school that belongs to the European Union or is part of the Schengen Agreement. That’s why we are so lucky to take part.

What are the projects about?

So far, we have taken part in two projects. “EOEE- Employment Opportunities and Enterprise in Europe” (2014- 2017) and “Food Connects Europe” (2017-2020).

The first project had focused on what are the opportunities connected to working life in the different countries participating. We developed our own little company where we had to analyze how much money we had, how much we spent producing the products we sold, how much was the profit, etc. In this way, students learn about how it can be to have your own international company.

Right now, we are taking part in another project called “Food Connects Europe”. The project is about different food traditions and cultures. In this way, the children learn to understand other countries and the way they think.

How many countries can participate in each project?

Each project agrees on the number of countries that can participate. We think that around 5 to 6 countries are perfect for our purpose.

In the project that we are participating right now, the countries taking part are Spain (us), Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, and Portugal.

Where are the projects taking place?

During the three years of the project, we travel to all the countries that take part in it. In this way, students get to experience how it is to live for a whole week in a family from a foreign country. They get to learn a lot about their culture, traditions, routines and the way they live.

It is a way to become more tolerant and avoid prejudices.

2014 – 2017 EOEE Employment Opportunities and Enterprise in Europe
Spain – Norway – Germany – Netherlands – Bulgaria

2017 – 2020 Food Connects Europe
Spain – Netherlands – Portugal – Germany – Norway – Estonia